About Us



Words by D.O. Ashok Sawant
about Mr. Kishor & Manisha Nayakawadi (ManiKish)

Personality- Kishor is a very Gentle & Honest person with Manisha (Wife) who is very charismatic and jolly women make a great Business Couple (Manikish). They are in this beautiful proffession of Financial Advisory since 1997. I am their Development Officer and I have seen them grow from the very first day of their career.

Achievements- ManiKish has achieved Million Dollar Round Table Competition (M.D.R.T.). This prestigious International recognition makes them among the among the top cream layer of Financial Professionals (0.3%) from rest of their compitition, MDRT is valid in 126 Countries across the globe. They also enjoy Chairman Club (C.M.) membership of LIC & Vice President (V.P.) Club Star Health & Allied Insurance.

Work Ethics- They always wanted to work for a noble cause to help people of India to proper. So they choose a profession to offer Excellent Financial Guidance to all their beloved clients. They help their clients to:-
  • Achieve Desired Financial Goals
  • Health & Life Insurance 
  • Retirement Planning
  • Child Education Planning
  • Virtual Estate Planning
Kimaya Insurance and Investments office- located in a prominent place, with experienced, well trained and devoted Team of Four handel 2000+ Clients all over the globe. They take good care of Clients after all its service oriented business. ManiKish have a dream to enhance this profession as a family business. Even Viraj (Son) has joined the business with an Aim to grow the business. 

At Kimaya we Offer-

Complete Financial Planning by using the following Financial Tools like:-


Mutual Funds

Health and Life Insurance:-

When it comes to the Safety of Client’s Money, Security of their life, the only name which appears in front of me is one and only “Life Insurance Corporation of India” (LIC). The trust and the Brand which enjoys Government Sovereign Guarantee, which no other Pvt. Insurance Co. has in India. This guarantee goes hand in hand with peace of mind to all my policyholders and investors.

What gives us total confidence to offer you the best financial solution to take care of your Insurance needs?
  • LIC Family comprises of 1.20 lakhs employees
  • LIC is adding population of Australia every year to our customer base
  • LIC is no 1 in claim settlement 99.66% claims settled in the year 2016 - 17
  • LIC's Live Fund Rs. 33, 69,179 Corers
  • LIC suports in almost every 5 years plan by India Governmet. 
  • On an average LIC settles 2.64 numbers of claims per seconds
  • LIC has a Global presence in 13 countries around the world
  • More than 13 lakhs Agents 25 Corers of Policy holders

Mr. Prospect-

I have a very strong reason that, why one should go for insurance with me, is because, I offer professional services, will do the financial planning and as I had mentioned above with full proof professional setup I can offer you the best service in this industry. I have many testimonials of the Industry people who are CEO of the big organization, V.P.’s of Renowned Institutions, Designated Government officials who are my esteemed customers since many years. On request with their prior permissions I can share some of their experience to you.