Mr. Kishor Sadashiv Nayakawadi Introduction

My Name is Kishor Sadashiv Nayakawadi. Since last 18 years I work as a full time Life Insurance Agent. I am in this beautiful Profession by way of my Choice. I always wanted to work for a noble cause, offering life Insurance to all Men, Woman and children. And make them economically worthwhile in their respective families and to be a responsible citizen of India. I have my own office located in a prominent place, with experienced, well trained and devoted staff of 4 persons. My wife is also actively associated with me in my profession. We have a dream to enhance this profession as a family business. Even my Son would like to join our business in near future. At present we have 1500+ satisfied customers and we are servicing total 3500+ policies. All our business is a service oriented business.

When it comes to the safety of people’s money, security to their life, the name which appears in front of me is one and only “Life Insurance Corporation of India”. The trust and the Brand which enjoys Sovereign guarantee, which no other Pvt. Insurance Co. has in India.  This guarantee goes hand in hand with peace of mind to all my policyholders and investors. My country’s progress is mainly depends upon the active financial support from LIC of India in its almost every five year plans. We are no 1 in claim settlement. 99.66% claims settled in the year 2016 - 17 to be specific. On an average LIC settles 2.64 numbers of claims per seconds. LIC is a global Insurance Co. with presence in 13 countries around the world. LIC Family comprises of 1.20 lakhs employees, more than 13 lakhs Agents and 25 Corers of Policy holders. In policy holder base we are adding population of Australia every year to our customer base. Our assets base Rs.17, 69,179 Corers.This gives me total confidence to offer you the best financial solution to take care of your Insurance needs.

Mr. Prospect I have a very strong reason that, why one should go for insurance with me, is because, I offer professional services, will do the financial planning and as I had mentioned above with full proof professional setup I can offer you the best service in this industry. I have many testimonials of the Industry people who are CEO of the big organization, V.P.’s of Renowned Institutions, Designated Government officials who are my esteemed customers since many years. On request with their prior permissions I can share some of their experience to you.

Mrs. Manisha Kishor Nayakawadi Introduction

My name is Mrs. Manisha Kishor Nayakawadi. Since last 16 years I am working as professional Life Insurance Agent having qualified as MDRT Agent for 5 times. This prestigious International recognition makes me among the top cream layer of professionals (0.3%) from rest of the agent’s fraternity. I had visited USA, for attending this MDRT Conference with my Husband in Jun-2011 that was the prestigious and top of the world moment of my Insurance Career.Since last few years I am enjoying status of C.M. Club membership of LIC. I have my own well furnished Office in the commercial place. I have a premium collection point in my office. with well trained, devoted and exclusive staff of 5 people who are taking care of my 1500 + policyholders and their 3500 + policies. I believe that, my customer should be satisfied and he should get professional and doorstep service all the time.  My Husband is also a great support in this profession. My dream is to take this business to the next generation, as my Son would like to take up our business to new height.

I choose this Agency career long back in year 2000 with a clear self improvement goal, to enhance my standard of living, and with a very Nobel cause in mind. To give each individual a financial security, safety of his life and to help him to fulfill his financial dreams such as his Kid’s education, their career startups, marriages, their own Retirements needs etc. when people mentioned about how LIC helped them in all their needs I feel blessed, that I am in right place.

Considering all this LIC is the only institution which offers safety of Investments, Trusted brand by masses, worldwide recognized, having International offices in 13 countries, and building our nation brick by brick with active participation in almost every five year plan. For all my customers’ safety and security of their investment, peace of mind, Sovereign guarantee is all that I can offer with LIC. If you see the claim settlement ratio it is 99.66%. Which is world’s best. The Assets base is Rs 19000 Crores. Having 2048 branches, 700 + satellite Branch offices, all are well connected with LAN and WAN, 20,000+ Premium points to facilitates premium collection,  13lakhs Agents, 2lakh Employees and 23 Crores policy holders. We are the winner of all most all the awards of Industry like Super brand, Best IT User, CNBC Awaz, Asian leadership Award. We are winner of 2 Super brand products of the year. LIC has superb online support of its website which is user-friendly and best solution provider.

 When it comes to buy insurance from me I can assure that I will be able to service your policy in time, & will suggest you to buy according to your own financial needs, will be able to reach at your place as per your time. There will be regular reminders, collection, and related services will be taken care by my office. I can work out certain combination and presentation to achieve your financial goals, to arrive at the same I need some of your personal information. Will it be ok if I ask for the same; it will not take more than 3 minutes of your valuable time.